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Log: Spring planting and sowing 2012


Two weeks ago I set out some small tomato and zucchini plants.   I discovered that the tomato plants are already starting to blossom!

As an experiment,  yesterday I re-purposed some old five gallon paint buckets by filling them with potting soil and Miracle-grow and setting out some cukes and yellow squash plants.  In the other buckets, we sowed beets, more squash, turnips and something else I can’t remember.  Oh well, we’ll  see what comes up.   I hope these  do well in the buckets because I just cannot dig another shovelful  of that hard adobe clay.  Ugh!



Tomatoes Running Amok


After two years of working a backyard plot where an RV had been parked for 25 years, I think… I HOPE…. I have finally conditioned the soil and coaxed it back to life.

In March, I planted out these three tomatoes plants and sowed some zucchini, cucumber, and cantaloup seeds.

Two months later I have gargantuan tomatoes bushes running amok in the yard, threatening to overcome the zukes and cukes.  So my dad and I put stakes in the ground this morning and tied the vines up.

The Early Girl bush is heavy with green fruit.  Yes, I do have a basil plant growing nearby.   We are going to feast well in a few weeks!

The Wayward Pelican (c) 2011

Dirt Under My Nails


I have not posted for three months primarily because I have been working so hard that my typical evening results in my crashing on the sofa in complete exhaustion and watching hours of television, mostly cable news.

I have finally reached the saturation point.

Starting with watching the psychological implosion of a television star, moving on to the blood-bath happening in North Africa, and now culminating with a trifecta of quake, tsunami, and nuclear meltdown in Japan,  I just could not take one more minute of it.   Today, I flipped off the television and headed over to an elderly relative’s house to work in his garden.

A little therapy among the tomatoes, radishes, and weeds.

I read something recently on another blog — and I apologize for not remembering which one — which suggested that physical labor can be used as a form of meditation.  I know I was not meditating while I was mixing manure into a plot of ground, but I can say that doing something as basic as working in dirt made me feel better.  I am not going to speculate why.    It just did.

Well, okay, maybe I will offer just this one observation:  as I was pulling up some particularly tough devil-grass from among my radishes, it occurred to me that this was the first time I felt in control of a situation for a number of days.   For a few minutes, that feeling of utter helplessness in the face of the current world crises —  not to mention a few personal ones —  disappeared.

I felt empowered as I pulled up those wretched weeds.

But then I went home, washed the dirt from under my nails, and made the mistake of turning on CNN.

Now, I’m doing some ironing.

L. Gloyd (c) 2011

Newly installed tomato plants,  a radish crop ready for harvesting, and new snapbean runners in the garden.


Garden Update


Just a garden update:  Here are a few things I picked this afternoon —  lemons, mutant radishes, green beans, sage, rosemary, thyme (no parsley yet), mint, oregano, and two kinds of basil.    My next batch of radishes is not doing well, and neither are my pepper plants…. some @#$$%%$#^# creature is eating the leaves.  On the other hand, my tomato bushes are coming up and starting to blossom,  a couple of zucchini vines are beginning to creep across the yard,  several cucumber plants  have managed not to die,  and I have a row of beets that even if the roots don’t amount to anything, the greens will be good eating.

Until next time……

Lori G. (c) 2010