The Big Wind


This big pile of debris is part of the fence that used to be around the garden I tend.   It blew over in a huge Santa Ana wind storm a few nights ago. I’ve never seen this severity of wind in all my years here — gale force winds in the low lands and hurricane force winds at higher altitudes.

Arrangements were quickly made and a lovely new fence has already been installed.

But now we have to cut up and dispose of the debris:

Oh, and I have a lot of fence that I must paint……

Pelican1  (c) 2011


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  1. Part of ours blew down a year or so ago but we haven’t had the money to fix. I hope the winds have quieted down. We are still getting wind here but nothing like it has been the last few days.

  2. I heard about your winds on TV and wondered about you and other friends in the area. We caught some of that wind but nothing like you had. I’m glad you were able to get the repairs done in such a timely manner. Now with all that debris (wood) lying around…I’ll bet there are some wood crafters/carvers around who could use some of those planks and would remove them for you. Just a thought.

    Our problem is no heat . Our heat pump went out last night about 2:00AM and here it is the coldest day of the year so far…41 degrees this morning. And Super Cool tells us they can’t come out to repair us until at least tomorrow, and we have a service contract with them. The heat pump was new just last year. Who was the idiot that said Life is a bowl of cherries. How about rotten apples? By the way, if someone else works on the heat pump they tell us it will nullify our warranty.


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