Jamie Oliver and the Food Revolution


If you did not see Chef Jamie Oliver’s first season of Food Revolution last year, know that he took on the Board of Education of a town in West Virginia to implement a healthy menu in all the schools in that district.  He made significant headway. 

Now, in Season 2 of the Food Revolution, Mr. Oliver is taking on the LAUSD.  As a product of that school district, I am particularly interested in the outcome and will be watching.  (Let me add that I brought my lunch to school every day for obvious reasons…..).

Here’s a sneak preview:



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  1. It’s about time someone declared war on school meals. The kids are being fed crap when they should be concentrating on healthy foods, foods that will sustain their growth and cut back on childhood obesity.


  2. I watched that first one and was amazed at the rubbish they were dishing up. Nothing was fresh! I was also surprised at the amount of opposition he faced to the changes he wanted to make.
    I had school dinners as a child and we were given meat (proper meat) and three veg (fresh) and a pudding. There were no choices – it was whatever they were dishing up that day. We were well fed – not overfed – and we never, ever saw a chip or a piece of processed food and we got all this for 2s 6d per week. We got 1/3 pint of milk each day too – just ordinary milk. The rest of the time we drank water. Mind you, it was just after the war and rationing was still on, but I don’t remember any fat kids at school.
    Given a choice, kids will eat crap. We were treated at school like we were at home – that’s what’s for dinner, eat it or go without. I don’t think a lot of the children in that program knew what a home-cooked meal was.
    I think school meals in the UK have gone down the same track too. Children at school should not have access to rubbish food and fizzy drinks.
    What people pack up for their kids’ lunches should be addressed too. Some kids have chips and chocolate for lunch!
    The little girl who lives next door to my daughter is 12 and had never seen or eaten cauliflower ( and knocked it back when offered some) She had no idea what it was. Sad.

  3. i am very eager to find jamie olivers “kids” or school garden design for my children! i looked on abc.com and his website. can anyone help?

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