Walking in Balance


balance small“Walking in Balance” — Created in Terragen and Photoshop

Today’s image is a result of an inspiring moment on my weekly Artist’s Walk and interesting meditation we did in qigong class Saturday.

At the class, the instructor started us out with a “healing sun meditation.”  She had us pull up the shades in the studio and let a scorching Indian summer sun come flooding in.  She had us stand at the window with our faces and palms open to the sunlight.  (I can only imagine how the group of us must have looked like from the traffic and pedestrians on the street.)   The idea was to “breathe in” the energy of the sun to revitalize and energize.    I don’t know if I was “energized” but I certainly got warm and I said so when she asked how we all felt.   The instructor looked at me and said “If you have too much yang energy, then you can try this with moonlight and drink in the yin energy.”


I’m not making fun of her.   I think I know what she was telling us, but I would have used a different vocabulary to describe this “healing meditation”:  Slow down and enjoy the sunshine.  Or to use an overused saying: “stop and smell the roses.”   

So many of our stresses and anxieties can be undone if we just take it a little easier and appreciate the natural world.   We can become a little out of balance and doing something as simple as soaking in the sunshine or gazing at a full harvest moon might bring us back into balance.

This realization came to me yesterday morning as I went out on my Artist’s Walk.  The Artist’s Walk, as prescribed by Julia Cameron in The Artist’s Way, is just one more means to provide fodder for the creative person.   Since it has been so blasted hot the last few days, I went out walking very early, before sunrise.   As I walked through the park I noticed the sun just beginning to peak over the tops of the houses on my left.   On my right was a waning gibbous moon.     It just looked so… balanced… so yin and yang, and I remembered our class exercise the day before.

So I couldn’t resist:   I looked around to see if anyone was watching me and then extended both hands, one towards the sun and one towards the moon.    

For a few moments, at any rate, I was walking in total balance.

Lori G. (c) 2010


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