Mind Body Class #3


The most amazing thing I learned last night at my third mind/body class was not on the agenda.  It came about from an off-hand remark made by the psychotherapist who is part of the trio of women conducting the course.

The topic that was on the agenda was an introduction to the Cognitive Behavioral Model used in breaking negative thought patterns that lead to emotional and physical stress.    In our discussion on various types of thought errors (catastrophic thinking, perfectionism, “all-or-nothing” thinking among many), the psychotherapist made an off-the-cuff comment on how intuitive healing was an interest of hers.    This piqued the curiosity of one of the class members who asked for a definition of intuitive healing.  The psychotherapist explained that intuitive healing occurs when the practitioner uses her or his intuition to detect energy blockages in a patient and recommend ways to overcome the blockage.

After a few minutes of discussion, I timidly raised my hand and asked if emotional and physical stress could be caused when individuals draw energy from other individuals’ energy fields.  She affirmed that this was true and that to fend off “energy vampires” (her term, not mine), we could use assertive dialogue with the individuals drawing our energy, or “visualize a bubble of energy around you to keep their energy from you.”


I wasn’t so much blown away by what she said.  I’ve read this before and to a certain extent I believe it.   But what blew me away was  the fact that I was listening to this explanation from a representative of a gigantic managed care organization.  This is the same organization that a few years ago would not recognize acupuncture as a legitimate  health care practice.  (At least my primary care physician didn’t think much of it).   This is the same organization that gives 15 minute doctor visits and has, up to now, solved most of my problems with a prescription.    There has definitely been a change in thinking… at least by a handful of practitioners.

One of the other facilitators quickly got our discussion back on track.  I’m not certain if it was because we were getting behind schedule or if she wanted to steer us away from any more discussion on this topic.

I have to say that this week’s class was everything but boring.  I am looking forward to seeing if next week will bring anything new… like aromatherapy?  Drumming?  Bellydancing for fun and well-being?

Hey, whatever works!

Lori G. (c) 2010


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