Garden Update


Just a garden update:  Here are a few things I picked this afternoon —  lemons, mutant radishes, green beans, sage, rosemary, thyme (no parsley yet), mint, oregano, and two kinds of basil.    My next batch of radishes is not doing well, and neither are my pepper plants…. some @#$$%%$#^# creature is eating the leaves.  On the other hand, my tomato bushes are coming up and starting to blossom,  a couple of zucchini vines are beginning to creep across the yard,  several cucumber plants  have managed not to die,  and I have a row of beets that even if the roots don’t amount to anything, the greens will be good eating.

Until next time……

Lori G. (c) 2010


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  1. A good organic spray for creatures is crushed garlic and minced chilli. Put in a jug and pour boiling water over. Give it a stir and allow to steep overnight. Then strain it and add just a couple of drops of dishwashing liquid and stir. Use it in a spray bottle, spraying underneath the leaves as well as on top. The d/washing liquid helps it to cling, so don’t leave it out. It’s probably those little pale green caterpillars eating your leaves. They are hard to see and seem to take on the colour of whatever they are on. I think they are cabbage moth young.
    Your harvest looks great, and the radishes will taste the same no matter what shape they are.

  2. What a harvest Lori. I am so impressed. I must get some vegetables going again. Recently I have been collecting horse poo from the local sports area which includes horse activities and I have been making liquid fertilizer. My Dad would be so impressed. I am hoping the rose blooms will be even better as a result.

  3. Your home grown veggies have such a wonderful flavor…not like the store bought variety which are old and worn out from the chemicals used to speed their growth and size as well as making them look perfect. Perfect is fine for still life photography but for flavor you can’t beat homegrown. Your selection looks so good and I’ll bet the flavor will knock your socks off.


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