Earth Day, 2010


Earth Day is this week, April 22, and I attended a couple of local Earth Day festivals this weekend, camera in hand.  

The first one I visited was in an upscale, urban neighborhood, and was organized in conjuction with the weekly regional Farmer’s Market.   I was there early and there weren’t many people yet.  Mostly, the participants of the fair were devoted to selling their “green” products and services.   I was most amused to see a tent promoting organic and sustainably produced clothing situated right in front of a national chain clothing store.  (You’ll see a picture of this in the video). 

I have to admit, though, that I enjoyed the other fair I attended later in the day in a suburban community park.    It was much more down-home and hands-on.  I listened to a lecture on healthy eating given by a woman who runs a non-profit organization with the mission of educating children on whole-foods nutrition — something akin to what Jamie Oliver did in the UK and in West Virginia.   I also enjoyed visiting the tent of a local wildlife rehabilitation group.  This group rescues injured urban wildlife — birds and small mammals.    At their tent, they had a peregrin falcon, great horned owl, screech owl, two kestrels, and a red tailed hawk.  All of these birds are too injured ever to be released back into the wild so they are used for educational events such as this fair.

Over all, I was most impressed at the grass roots community organizations featured at this fair.  It is not going to be just buying green products that will make a difference in this world — it is going to be community action and educational endeavors that will make us better stewards of our world.

Happy Earth Day, everyone.   Enjoy the video.

Lori G. (c) 2010


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