I got loose in the kitchen again….


So I got loose in the kitchen…. again.   I picked some radishes this morning from the garden to have in a salad for lunch.  While I was cleaning them up and just could not bring myself to throw away their gorgeous tops.   I wondered if they were edible like beet greens or toxic like rhubarb leaves.  Not wanting to take chances,  I appealed to the Great Google for advice.

The answer:  Yes, they are edible but why would you want to since they are very bitter.

I noticed a lot of folks online posted that radish greens are quite good when braised or sauteed.  Cooking them cuts the bitterness.  So I thought, what the heck, I’ll give it a try.

I slowly heated up some olive oil in a skillet.  I added a smashed garlic clove and some red pepper flakes.  I removed the garlic as soon as I started to smell it because I didn’t want it to burn and ruin the olive oil.  I added to the skillet the greens along with about half as much chopped parsley, sprinkled a little coarse sea salt over the greens, tossed them around a bit until they were just wilted, and then removed them from the pan.

As you can see, I didn’t get much from these three radishes but it was enough to make an interesting warm side salad to some lentil soup and fresh grilled bread.

In the words of the ever-exuberant Rachael Ray:  “Yumm-o”.

Just know that when I get loose in the kitchen like this, the outcome isn’t always this good.   🙂

Lori G. (c) 2010


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  1. Waste not, want not. Good for you eating the whole thing. There are lots of food stuffs that are only edible if they are cooked or processed in some way, and some are even toxic. Which makes you wonder why the first people to try them bothered a second time if someone keeled over on the first attempt. I would personally avoid them altogether. I wonder how many ancient people died before they learnt what fungus was good and safe?

  2. Hey Radish girl, love your edgy adventurous approach. I just happen to have bought some radishes today, not from the garden sadly, but radishes just the same. I will give the greens a whirl. My mother who was an amazing cook would celebrate the use of the whole, particularly the GREENS connected to any veg. Keep on gettin loose in the kitchen!

    Happy Easter to you!



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