First Fruits…Well, Radishes, actually


On February 12, 2010, radish seeds were planted…..

and today, I picked these beauties:

I realize that it has taken twice as long as usual to get these…. things do grow here in the winter, but more slowly…but at least they grew, which is something that I was beginning to worry about.  I also started some zucchini plants from seeds back in February as well as a variety of tomatoes, beets and garlic, new basil, lemon thyme and oregano.  These seems to be doing well.  However, I planted a bunch of bell peppers plants and they are dying…… I cannot figure this out.  But I’m going to take these radishes as a good sign that at least one part of my garden is doing well.

Oh, and I ate these on a salad for dinner tonight.   Oh, man, what a difference from what I get at my local Food 4 Less store!

Lori G. (c) 2010


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