Spring Planting


Ladybug in the Parsley

It’s spring planting time, and I’m going to give this another shot.  After several months of manure and rain, plus the presence of my new best friends, the earthworms, I decided that I would plant again.

A few weeks ago I planted string beans.  As you can see below, they’ve gotten a good start.  Last week,  we sowed seeds for  radishes, beets, two kinds of squash, tomatoes, and cantaloupe.  I set out new plants of basil, lemon thyme, and Italian oregano.  The two Italian parsley plants that I put out last August are still thriving,  and this afternoon I noticed that they were nearly three feet high.   These parsleys have become the home of a number of ladybugs which, like the earthworms, tell me that life is returning to the backyard.

So in a couple of months, God willing and if the rains stay steady, I’ll be harvesting again.   If not, I’m going to toss out some grass seed and call it quits.

String beans and radish sprouts

More radish sprouts

Lori G (c) 2010

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  1. Ooooh, everything looks nice and healthy. Lots of yummy stuff to eat. If you get snails, put a little beer in a can and push it into the ground. It kills the snails but they die happy. You can make an aphid spray from water, a drop of washing-up liquid and a spoonfull of chilli paste and garlic. Let it fester overnight and then strain it and put it into a spray bottle.

  2. You’ve inspired me to plant a garden of my own. I’ve never done well with seeds, but I’m going to give it a go. To keep bugs and animals away, make tea out of some chewing tobacco (put into the toe of a knee high or panty hose.) As I told the lady and the mini mart, I think the one with the least flavoring would work best. Never know when a gopher might want to freshen his breath with wintergreen! Anyway, spray over the plants then wash off before you eat. I did this with strawberries one year and it worked better than I could have imagined.

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