Cooking Through My Bookshelves


One of my favorite movies this year was Julie and Julia.    The movie is comprised of two intertwined true stories:  how chef Julia Child wrote Mastering the Art of French Cooking and how office worker Julie Powell got herself out of a career rut by blogging about her experience cooking all 524 recipes in Julia Child book in one year.   This movie deals with French food, relationships, true love, blogging, changing one’s life, overcoming creative blocks, and butter.  Lots and lots of butter.

After watching this movie again today, I had an idea…. no, I’m not going to dive into French cooking–  but I do need to start eating better and I have three bookshelves of cookbooks with a number of volumes on vegetarian and healthful cooking.    So I am going to attempt to cook at least one recipe  a week for the next year, each recipe from one of my cookbooks.  I don’t want to commit to any more than that because I don’t want to spend all my time in the kitchen.   Already for that reason, I do most of my cooking on Sunday afternoons and eat what I made all week.    If I can I’ll do more, but it may be overly ambitious for me and I may fail.

But at least today I was able to cook something from one of my books.  This afternoon I made Hungarian Mushroom Soup from The New Moosewood Cookbook. (I had a copy of the original Moosewood Cookbook but it fell apart).

I was able to find this recipe online, so if you are interested in it, go to Hungarian Mushroom Soup at Global Gourmet.

I deviated a bit from the Moosewood recipe.  I used 2 cups of mirapoix instead of plain onion, and the mushrooms were a  mixture of white buttons and creminis (baby portobellos).    I did not have any mild paprika so I used smoked Spanish instead.  There is way too much salt in this recipe so I used about half as much as the recipe called for, and I used reduced fat milk.  However, I did indulge myself by using butter and full-fat sour cream.  (Okay, okay… I know — a heart attack in a bowl).

It turned out with a silky texture but not heavy at all.  And the smoked paprika perfectly melded with the fresh dill.    The cremini mushrooms gave the soup an almost beefy flavor.   All-in-all, a very appetite satisfying bowl of soup.

I served it with a grilled reduced-fat Swiss cheese on onion rye bread sandwich.



Lori G. (c) 2009


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  1. Let’s see…I have some frequent flyer miles so let me know when your next recipe is in the making. kidding! That sounds like a great idea. I should try to do the same. I have so many cookbooks!

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