An Autumn Update


It’s late afternoon on a Sunday and I just came home from visiting the garden.  I have a chicken roasting in the oven and I can smell the rosemary and thyme that I just picked an hour ago and stuffed along with the chicken in the roasting pan.    Later this evening, I’ll have a piece accompanied by some green beans that I plucked as well.

It all sounds very good, doesn’t it?  Well, I won’t sugar-coat things:  the great gardening experiment was not the brilliant horticultural triumph I thought it would be.

Yes, I have been successful with the herbs.  I have several packets of pesto sauce in my freezer made from sweet  basil and parsley which are growing in abundance.

My tomatoes look promising.  The bushes needed to be staked up and one of them in almost four feet high.  There are a number of green tomatoes and many blossoms.   The string beans also have many blossoms and as you can see they are starting to bear.   My hope is that the tomatoes will ripen and the beans produce before the possum gets them.  Yes, I discovered a big ol’ pile of possum poo in the garden this afternoon.  Lovely.   I better not catch the bugger in my beans or I’ll be serving him up in a stew along with the veggies!

The not-so-successful part of the endeavor:  my squash.  Sigh.  My eighteen zucchini plants– the ones I thought would take over the neighborhood– I’ve not gottten one blessed zuke from the lot of them.  The plants had some fruit forming but they turned yellow and shriveled up before they got more than a few inches long.  One friend says that the weather is too moist.  Another person said that I didn’t prepare the soil well enough.  My theory is that we don’t have bees in the neighborhood anymore that can pollinate the plants.    That’s a bit scary if that is so.

So, I have learned a lot and will learn more.  I won’t give up on this yet.  I will let everything bear as it wills and in the Spring I will condition the soil a little more and put in the plants earlier.  Hopefully, next summer will be better.

So, I’m signing off for now.  If a miracle happens and I get a sudden and amazing crop of super-zukes, I’ll let you all  know.

Until the Spring……

Lori G. (c) 2009


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  1. It’s only the beginning. Your beans look pretty good. There are some crops that grow pretty well year round. Don’t give up yet. Next spring will be a great year for Farmer Lori. As for possum stew, ????

  2. Did someone say possum stew? Grizelda will soon have recipes for all sorts of similar ummm delights at ther blog! 😉 I think it’s wonderful that you tried this gardening and can’t wait to see what you do with it next year. It’s been a weird year for growing crops around here too…they say we are in a pumpkin shortage because of it (honestly you could not prove it by me with the pumpkins pumpkins everywhere lol) so don’t give up! By the way, I have to say that while reading this, my first thought was “Now HOW did she know that was possum poo?” lol.

    • Just deductive reasoning: the aforementioned pile is too big to be a cat, dogs have no access to the backyard, and possums have been sighted in the area. Now it could possibly be racoon poo but that doesn’t flow off the pen as well as “pile of possum poo.” 🙂

  3. My bet is on the racoon!–City bred coons even know how to cross the street with the traffic! One used to keep warm in Vancouver curled around the chimney of the house below our apartment! Try a bit of hand polunation with a soft brush if you have a bee shortage. More power to good gardening. Fran

  4. I’ve been considering trying my hand at a garden since my lemon tree has lived and produced fruit for two years now. We had a worm farm for awhile and got some amazing worm castings that enriched the soil like crazy. All of my plants took off. A few years ago I had quite a strawberry patch. I got some chewing tobacco, put it in the toe of a knee high stocking to steep then sprayed on the strawberries. No critters touched those strawberries and the concoction easily washed off when we were ready to consume. This might work with the ‘possum/racoon.

    Hang in there, Lori. It’s all a matter of trial and error. I’ve NEVER had any luck with starting ANYTHING from seed. I would gladly come for dinner from the look of those green beans! And roasted chicken…YUM!

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