Garden Update


I’ve heard a saying that one is supposed to plant rosemary by the garden gate and lavender for luck.  Well, my rosemary isn’t right next to a garden gate but it is along the driveway to a garage.  Does that count?  And I did plant the lavender purely for good luck.

After three weekends of pulling devil weeds (aptly named) and slinging steer manure (no comment, please), I’ve started planting.  I sowed a long row of Kentucky Wonder snap beans and bedded the beginnings of my Mediterranean herb garden:  Tuscan rosemary, sweet basil, Spanish lavender, and coriander.   I plan to add some thyme and parsley when I can find some plants at the nursery.

That was yesterday.  Today I mulched the herb row and then started to break the ground for my tomatoes, peppers, squash and melons.  I did not get very far with that.  The patch of ground, which is adobe clay,  has not been dug up for nearly twenty-five years and has had no water except for rain.  Consequently, it is, excuse the cliche, hard as rock.    First, I tried digging with a shovel, then with two different post-hole diggers.  I finally resorted to watering the soil until it was mud and then using a huge pick to bust up the ground.

I swear those little plantlings, all lined up and waiting to be planted,  were watching me and snickering.  Anyway, I only got the tomatoes planted before I petered out.    The rest will have to wait until next weekend.

Whose idea was this anyway?   Oh, yeah, mine.

All kidding aside, it has been a learning experience for me and I won’t regret the hard work (and the nasty blister I have on my thumb) when I bite in my first beefsteak tomato.

Until next time………..

Lori G. (c) 2009


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  1. You’re getting to be a regular farmer. Looks like all your little potted plants are ready to be put into the earth so they can do their thing. Do let us know, Lori, how your garden grows.


  2. Wow, looks to me like you have made a lot of progress. My first allotment, well each of them were of clay soil, but the first had not been tended for years and years and… well you get the picture, so it was yes rock hard – even with our climate! All you can do is water and water and water and hope you can then break it up – tis very hard work – am so looking forward to watching as this garden progresses – you are doing a great job 🙂

  3. I like the little garden you have planted along the fence line. It looks really healthy. Good like with busting up the clay – adding sand and straw might help if you can find any. Like you I love gardening but all digging is really hard work.

  4. I grew up spending all my summer on the shores of Lake Erie where there is clay undending and know exactly how hard you must be working that earth. Wow. You are a better woman than I! The row of bright green lovelies along the side are so fresh looking, a sight for the sore eyes of the homeowner I’m sure. I am duly impressed with your progress, woman.

  5. Oh, it all looks incredible….I am very envious…I took it as a sign when things did not grow and blossom here at this house that it was time to move on…things do not grow for me if my whole heart is not in it…things look wonderful where you are and I am happy for you. 🙂

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