Monthly Archives: December 2008

Shoo Away the Moody Blues with Oils


I like experimenting with essential oils and had some time this afternoon to do just that.    I just began mixing until my nose told me that I had hit upon the right blends.   Coincidentally, the oils I used are purported to be great for lifting the spirits.   I don’t recall the exact number of drops I put in the lotions but here is an approximation of proportions.

Mood Lifting Blend #1
2 parts Sweet Orange
2 parts Lemon
1 part French Lavender

Mood Lifting Blend #2
2 parts Roman Chamomile
2 parts Orange
1 part French Lavender

Mix either blend with about 2 ounces of un-scented body lotion.  Shake well.  Set it aside for a few hours before applying.   When you need a little refreshing, squirt a bit in the palms of your hands and apply.

Image:  Lori G. (c) 2008