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Total Affirmation

“Total Affirmation”
Lori G. (c) 2008

Affirmation: Strength

As you ponder the Chinese character for “Strength”, also ponder your physical vitality and your ability to trust and feel secure within the material world. Where do you derive your strength and vitality? Consider the ways you can improve your strength, become healthier, become more content with what you have, shore up your ability to trust others and yourself? What other thoughts are evoked in you regarding the concept of strength? Take some deep breaths and meditate on these questions for a few minutes as you gaze at the image. Affirm to yourself that you will be stronger and filled with vital energy today. A wise person is strong; yea, a man of knowledge increaseth strength.
—-Proverbs 24:5


Image and text: Lori G. (c) 2008