Like Glass: Thoughts on Non-Resistance




I went to see my acupuncturist Saturday. I haven’t been sleeping well and usually a treatment by him will do the trick to alleviate this condition. The first thing he asked me was if I were under stress. We talked about that for a while and I explained that I had encountered some people this week that just seemed to hurl their negative energy at me while draining me of my own. He replied, “You need to be transparent and just let their energy flow through you.”

I’m not surprised that he would tell me this. There is a concept in Taoist thinking called wu wei. Basically, it is a state of being active through inaction. It is bringing change through non-resistance. In this case I would take the action to deal with my internal stress by being inactive towards those who are inflicting their negative selves onto me. This notion of non-resistance is not limited to Taoist thinking. What comes to my mind is that classic teaching from the Sermon of the Mount where Jesus tells his followers to not resist an evil person and to turn the other cheek.

As usual, a concept like this grinds against the grain of my essential personality. Those who know me know that I tend to respond to provocation especially when I feel like I am being treated like a door mat or personal punching bag. So this will be a little experiment for me in energy mastery. I’ll keep you posted in how transparent I become and how successful I am in letting bad energy flow through me.

I told a friend about this conversation and how I basically need to become a piece of glass. He said that I was not a mere glass, but a piece of fine crystal. I appreciate that. I just hope I don’t crack and shatter in the process.

Lori G. (c) 2008


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  1. Oh Lori, I do feel for you. I understand where you are coming from all too well; I tend to react to people and situations like that, too. I think this is a good idea, and I will try it as well. I like the analogy of a piece of glass, or as your friend put it, a piece of fine crystal. It does make sense when you think of the serenity some people carry through life, doesn’t it?

  2. I learned years ago from a friend who studied energy that empaths tend to open their field of energy to absorb everything — good and bad. The best way for them to balance and remain centered is to protect their energy by becoming invisible in their own field. Sounds like your acupuncturist is right on the money! Hope it works for you.

  3. Wishing you the best of luck 😉

    One thing I am curious about however – your acupuncturist asked if you were stressed. Are we ever really unstressed? I know everyone is constantly informing us about the health drawbacks of a stressful life but as I watch myself day after day I wonder when, if ever, I am unstressed. Yes I know that there must be varying levels of stress and at certain times these levels seem quite low – (the example that comes to mind would be taking a relaxing bath). I can’t speak for anyone but myself but I do know that even if there are no external major causes of stress going on in my life at a particular moment – I will focus on something and unintentionally make it stressful to myself. Sort of the theory that if I have no ‘mountains’ in my life I will make them out of ‘mole hills’. I am, by no means, advocating this behavior. I am just wondering if it is something that we all do. Do you find yourself making a bigger deal about something that at another time you may see in a less serious and stressful light? Stress from within vs. stress from without.

    Anyway, I do apologize for rambling on here. I wish you the best of luck 😉 Feel better & hopefully get some sleep.


  4. I am a glass student (cold glass, like doing stained glass, and hot glass, making beads with a blow torch). Glass is much stronger than most people think. And sometimes it takes the energy that hits it and transforms it into something new, the way a bevel or prism disperses sunlight into a rainbow of beautiful light. You are a many faceted-person, and I am sure you will refract the bad energy into something better.

  5. My shiatsu therapist has been working on the energy fields and we have come a million miles in six long months. It has felt like an eternity but I have broken through on so many levels and I know you will too. Lots of positive energy coming from me to support your endeavour.

  6. Interesting topic, Lori. I like the metaphor of glass and letting negative energies pass through. I’m quite empathetic, so I will try to be aware and not absorb everything that comes my way. Perhaps I can be more discriminating, lol, I’d hate to pass on all the good stuff out there! Good luck with your own attempts. Oh, and to Andrea–yes, I agree, when the mountain has been climbed the molehill enlarges to take its place.

  7. I have thought more about this discussion since yesterday, about the wisdom of letting things pass through us…(something i, too, need to learn.)
    An interesting bit of glass trivia: stained glass will not fade in color, even if continually exposed to strong light, for hundreds of years (think of the old cathedrals.) If submerged in sea water, glass may start to fade a little – after about 800 years – otherwise, it remains intact, with all its integrity. Even if the glass shatters, it is still itself, albeit in tiny pieces. And then it is possible to melt the shards in the furnace and create something new and beautiful out of the same glass!

  8. This glass metaphor is getting more and more interesting and applicable. I have heard that there are certain colors of glass used in the old cathedral for which the formulae for making those stains have been lost and have not been reproducable.


  9. You are probably correct about the glass formulae for stain colors – I am sure they were carefully guarded glassmaker’s guild secrets. Today the glass community seems more open to sharing and is experiencing quite a renaissance. …One of these days I hope to attempt a Squidoo lens on lessons I’ve learned from working with glass … stay tuned!…

    Allowing transparency – without denying the negativity sent your way, but not letting it consume you, either – what a great lesson – I hope I allow myself to learn it, live it, and love it.

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