Some Good News for a Change….




Sometimes our continuing existence on this old world seems so hopeless when I listen to dire news reports on global climate change, the pollution of the our planet, and the rape and destruction of the natural realm. But, I had reason to be cheered this weekend when I heard a news report that the US Department of the Interior is proposing to remove the Brown Pelican from its endangered species list.

Forty years ago you would almost never see a pelican. Extinction loomed on the horizon for this magnificent creature, due primarily from the use of DTT pesticides. Today, there are over 600,000 pelicans, enough to insure the survival of the species. I see one nearly every time I go to the beach now. Sometimes, I step out on faith and tell myself that maybe, just maybe, things might turn out okay for this old world after all. We can only hope.


To read the details, clickHERE.

The image is of a California Brown Pelican, a subspecies of Pelecanus occidentalis. Yes, this bird let me get close enough for this shot. A very special moment for me.

Lori G. (c) 2008


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  1. Cool! I love pelicans – they are so comical looking. It is nice to hear about something coming off of the Endangered Species List!

  2. Good news, indeed, we see white pelicans here on our little city lake and, of course, competing with the fishermen near the sea but I did not know there were brown pelicans–very interesting. Fran

  3. Good news indeed Lori.

    Maybe one day we will see ” Humanity” taken off the endangered list …but…….not in my lifetime that’s for sure
    We see these beautiful creatures on some of our suburban lakes but mostly they are to be found in the quiet waters of the bays. The Australian pelican is a very large bird with a massive pouched bill….black and white and about 5ft long so a big bird….. it is said they live in families and help each other with gathering fish to eat ..they co operate with one another herding the fish into a small area…and then share it around
    Oh if only humans could do all this …you know co operation.. We can learn so much from animals Hey ….Lois ( Muse of the Sea) tues 12th Feb 08………..

  4. really cool photo. I have only ever seen white pelicans and had no idea there was such a thing as brown ones – thanks for posting this

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