Shopping Mall Auras


Here are the results of an “aura” scan I had about five years ago.

Let me preface my comments by saying that I do believe that there are energy conduits that are utilized in acupuncture and other energy medicine disciplines. I do believe the theoretical existence of chakras.

However, I do not totally ascribe to modern technology being able to measure and visually present these energy systems… at least not from a person offering this service from a movable stall in a shopping mall. I would like to see some scientific evidence derived from controlled experiments that would verify that such technology is accurate and not a scam.

That being said, let me tell you what I was told about this image. First, my aura is “blue” which means that I am “caring, sensitive, intuitive and loyal”.  The little color dots are my chakras. The crown and root chakras (the white one and the red one) are strong and steady; however, the rest of the chakras are stressed and out of balanced as evidenced by their blurry, undefined boundaries. Particularly, the green heart chakra is extremely out-of-whack. I was told that I do too much for other people, that I needed to keep some “love for myself”.  Finally, the lighter blue above my crown chakra means that I have a connection to a higher power.

I have to admit that it was beneficial to sit for twenty minutes and have a kind, friendly person confirm the things that I already knew myself and lead me to consider ways to make changes to my life— much like any therapist would do, only a bit cheaper.

I did the scans a couple of times but then the proprietor raised the fee and I decided that the cost far outweighed the entertainment value. If, someday, the scientific evidence is presented that validates this technology, I may do it again.

Please excuse the skeptical tone of this post. Let me say that my utmost respect goes to true intuitives who read auras and chakras “the old-fashioned way” with their minds, hands, and hearts, based on thousands of years of accumulated wisdom and tradition. I’m just not ready to have it packaged and sold to me in a mall.

Lori (c) 2008

My thanks to Imogen for giving me the idea for this post. Please see the lovely video she posted at Enchanteur’s blog.


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  1. Lori, thanks so much for the reference to the post! I found these visuals, passed on to me by a friend, invaluable. You have to be a skeptic, because that’s smart. I would be more likely to support true intuitives as well, — why do you need someone to tell you what you KNOW you already have?? I don’t have time for charlatans either, so am of a fairly strict mindset about esoteric things. I think the Mall thing is like the weighing machines and the other tests you can get, not all inclusive. You can’t beat the human touch, nor the caring intuitive! Follow what your natural knowing tells you, I always say!

  2. Wise decision to keep the skeptical part of you in tact until there is more scientific validation. On the other hand, I also think it was just as wise to allow yourself the experience and to keep your curiosity open–even if it is entertainment. If you “know” these things about yourself — perhaps your chakras aren’t as out of balance as the image reveals. Or — as humans living in today’s world of complex energies (some natural and some manmade), surely most of our chakras would show stress and be fuzzy. So doesn’t that make this technology a bit too predictable?

  3. Interesting post, Lori. I understand and agree with your scepticism about the shopping mall scans, but it was very interesting.

  4. What a wonderful image Lori. There are so many mysteries and I am not about to say I am clear about any of them. Over the past four months I have been working with shiatsu therapist who works with these energies and he has flawed me repeatedly by knowing things he could not possibly know about Darryl and I. He insists that Darryl is here with me and I laugh because the boy was such a cynic. But I must say that the kind touch and the comfort he offers at this time of such grief, has given me threads. These threads are gradually being woven to fill the awful void.

  5. I’m a bit like in regards of the skeptical point of view and being opened.

    I used to work with someone who was told that she had pink colour in her aura. She was told pink brings luck to poeple around her… but nor her. Which means that if you are close to her, your chances are that you will most likely win something. This showed to be true for her! When I was working with her, going to conferences, etc., these were the times I won the most often. We were known to be the “lucky table”. 🙂

    Did you see that pink?

    Do you bring luck to people around you?

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