On Resolutions and other Nonsense


It’s the New Year. The day after Christmas I got sick and haven’t been well since. I slept through New Year’s Eve and most of New Year’s Day. I’m not exactly in a celebratory mood. In fact, I’m downright cranky.

That being said, I hope no one is offended when I say I think that reviewing 2007 experiences and announcing 2008 resolutions are a stupid waste of time. I mean, really, if we know there’s something we should be doing, let’s stop talking about it and just do it.  At the risk of being pessimistic and cynical, let’s face it: we’re probably all going to blow those resolutions by the end of next week anyway.

Right now, I’m just trying to get through one day at a time. Today, I am eating right.  Today, I recycled something from the garbage. Today, I am being creative by writing this post.

Notice the use of the present tense and not future. I know myself too well and it would be presumptuous to think that I will do the same thing tomorrow.

The best advice I can give myself, and anyone else who cares what I think, is to not be overly concerned for anything beyond today. Tomorrow, we’ll all have another opportunity to do and live right.

And tomorrow will take care of itself.  I’m going back to bed now.  Have a good day.

Lori G. (c) 2008


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  1. Yes, I agree with this one. Here and now is all that is real. The past is gone, the future isn’t here, and all we can ever really live in is now. Good call, Lori. (I hope you feel better soon, too.)

  2. Like you I prefer action to resolved action. The mantra of daily practice helps keep me active on a daily basis and that means that by the end of a certain period I can look back and take a bit of a stocktake of what I have achieved.

  3. My only resolution seems always to have been to clean up the house and finish off business odds and ends–have done that am now (almost) ready to face another year of getting still older. What does one do about the bits and pieces of words gone missing or unexpected items found in the bottom of the closet?
    So sorry you have been ill, Lori–do take care for all of our sakes. Fran

  4. Lori,
    I have never celebrated the New Year ever ever..never done a party or gone to see the fireworks made any new resolutions …
    I wish every year for good health,no wars,a healthy planet ……I call it contentment…not happiness contentment

    Now I know I am not your Mum or Aunty or Sister
    but have you done anything about the episode with the restrictive breathing/spasm etc which gave you a fright
    Feeling low and tired could be a sympton of a virus still in your system or you could have had a heavy year working and the body is saying ” Lie down for goodness sake” and often when you sleep at abnormal times you often wake up feeling quite out of sorts not rested like a night-time sleep.
    It’s like this when you do night duty or have to work through on this shift at a factory or similiar…the day sleep never comes easy or is for as long …the body clock is not set for this in any of us…..except maybe the bears and other little creatures who sleep through the winter…..
    Check yourself in for blood tests etc….be a good girl now

    Love Lois (Muse of the Sea) 4.1.08

  5. Hear hear! My resolution is to have no more resolutions!…I never keep them and end up feeling guilty! Good to know there are others who feel the same way!

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