Dream Work


For many years I kept a journal until I bored myself silly with all my whining and complaining. So I stopped for a while. But the urge caught up with me again so I started up. This time I try not to complain about my life but use my writing to analyze my thinking and gain insight. Writing about your dreams is one to accomplish this.

Keep your journal near your bed. Often times we think we have not dreamed when actually we have. Many times we wake up from a dream and then go back to sleep, thus totally forgetting the dream in the morning. The next time you wake up from a dream, grab your journal and just jot down a few words that will jar your memory later. Go back to sleep. The next morning try to write about your dream in your journal using your notes. Quite often the meanings of the dreams suddenly make themselves evident as you write, but if not, come back to the journal entry a couple of days later and see if you have more insight into the dream’s meaning. Many times anxiety over a waking problem will manifest in a dream and frequently solutions to that problem will also emerge in a dream. By writing about these dreams, we may be able to discern the proper course of action or at the very least gain some knowledge about and mastery over the anxiety.

Sweet dreams………….


Lori G. © 2007.


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  1. You are so right! Writing down our dreams is so important. So often I will wake up and remember a dream, saying to myself, “I don’t have to write that down! I’ll never forget that!” But I do… a great post!

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