Knowing Love


I’ve been carrying a heavy burden for quite awhile. I can only identify it as an anxious fear of the future. Instinctively, I know I shouldn’t indulge this feeling. Yet, it is there, a vaporous entity that wraps itself around me digging its invisible claws into my spirit. I won’t go into detail about the things that I fear—let’s just say they are circumstances that we all fear at one time or another. But for me, this fear has mounted to a point that it is becoming debilitating. I’ve got to do something about it.

Today is Thanksgiving Day in my neck of the woods and while I am preparing my portion of the meal that I will share later today with other family members, I am taking some time to do some personal reflection.

What keeps coming to mind is the ancient saying that there is no fear in love. I had to say it again and again to myself: there is no fear in love. I sat back for a moment and took a mental inventory of the love that is in my life. There are some people in my life I know love me. I try very hard to love myself. But this love is transitory. People move on. Sometimes I don’t love myself.

But then it struck me that there is a love that is does not move on, that is unfailing. This is the love that the Universe pours out on me. That love is constant. It never wavers. It never depends on my feelings. It is outside me, beyond me, holding me up, permeating my being.

The trick is, however, letting this idea of a constant love permeate me as a fact, NOT as something I feel. I am not always going to feel that love, but if I have it grounded into my mind as a cognitive fact, then I can rely on that love. Many people place their reality squarely on the back of their feelings. This is perilous. Feelings change, feelings waver. Knowledge does not. If I base my reality securely on the knowledge that the divine power of the universe will not let me down, then the paralyzing grip of fear is released and I am free.

So on this Thanksgiving Day, I claim that love as a fact of life.  And for that knowledge, I am profoundly grateful.

May you also know this Love today and always.

Lori G. © 2007


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  1. You, Lori, have shared some very deep, personal, and powerful thoughts. You have in so-doing given us all food for thought. We all need to know that love is ours no matter what is happening in our everyday lives. Thank you for sharing your insight on this Thanksgiving Day.


  2. Thank you, Lori. That is a very important insight – one we need to be reminded of constantly. Just lately I, too, have been immersed in feelings, instead of knowing that all-encompassing Love as a fact. A most timely message.

  3. Lori this poem was written by a well known and loved
    Australian Poet …Bruce Dawe…..this I think was written sometime in 2005.6. or 7….It not only talks of a lover’s love it is also a love of friendship, the love of touch from a friend or from an animal and the recognition of how strong is love in so very many areas of our lives in this universe and when we see it either lost,destroyed,tampered with,not recognised and sometimes for us “hard to hold onto” this empty feeling , often like a fear and is a matter how hard we try to hold love as a nourishment…….Lois (Muse of the Sea) 23.11.07

    So many Nows make up a lover’s days:
    The now of Waking when the loved one’s eyes
    Take in the world and see the lover there,
    The Now of all those Acts which are in praise
    Of what the loved one ” IS” which realize
    The Ultimate Now which is the Now of Care…
    And then there are those other Nows which stand

    Apart from these and are the Nows of Time:
    The Now of Parting (the last hug/kiss/wave)
    The Now Apart which moves the measuring Hand
    Of the Heart around Days cumbrous in this rhyme,
    Until that later Now all lovers crave:
    The Now of Nearness and the Now of Touch
    Which in so many ways can mean so much…

    Bruce Dawe

  4. I’m going to try to remember to think of constant love when I get anxious about things (which seems like a lot, but probably isn’t more or less than anyone else!). Thanks for putting this into context, Lori.

  5. Powerful thoughts. Love is welcomed, but we let fear in the backdoor. Love is gentle and asks for permission, fear eats out of our refrigerator and puts its booted feet on the table. We invite love to stay, but it goes into another room. We are scared to ask fear to leave because we think he may be right and we may be wrong.

  6. It is such a struggle to keep fear at bay especially in the times that we live. I find that one negative will gain more traction in my mind than twenty positives. The one negative builds a dam wall and blocks all the other things which bring me joy. I know the battle all to well Lori. Thanksgiving is a good time to spend reflecting like this.

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