Getting Back on Track


As I said in the previous post, my parsley bit the dust, literally. I was about to chuck the whole experiment, but then I realized that even though this situation has thrown my apartment garden experiment off track, I need to go to the garden store, get more seedlings and try it again.

It may seem very obvious where I’m going with this: you get side-tracked, you get back on track and get moving again. The last couple of weeks I’ve been pre-occupied with some personal situations that have gotten me off track in terms of some personal goals I have set for myself.

I am not going to let such annoyances disrupt my physical and emotional well-being, my creative endeavors, or my social outreaches.

How does this work out in a practical way? This morning I have already created some art, redesigned a blog, and am writing this post. Later today, I’m going to outline some writing pieces and prepare for a meeting with some friends regarding a volunteer project in which I am involved.

I’m going to get out there and get my hands dirty.

Lori G. (c) 2007


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  1. Lori- I must have missed the post about the parsley. Don’t worry about it – parsley is just plain weird. After not growing all summer, mine decided to germinate in September. The seeds that did this were the ones that had (somehow) migrated into my petunia border on the bed. It looks kind of silly sticking up out of the petunias. I am convinced that parsley is just perverse. I like the way you are relating all of this to practical life. Like you, I need to get back to creating every day.

  2. We’ve never had much luck with parsely either, but our friends on the other side of the island have big bunches of it in their garden. And we finally just succeeded in getting our fall greens to sprout after three tries! Usually, this is pretty easy but for some reason, this year….anyhow, I think we all have gotten somewhat sidetracked lately and it’s good to see seeds being planted now for getting back ot our daily practice.

  3. So what is it about parsley? I am the world’s worst for killing plants!! Honestly, I jest not!! It seems I only have to touch them and I give them the kiss of death!! But parsley is the one thing that survives under my ”care”…….

  4. Parsley is tricky. I have no idea what it wants, but it doesn’t seem to like humidity or dry climates, or too much heat or not enough heat. I grew it like crazy when I was younger (raised swallowtail butterflies on it), but never could grow it as an adult. Try zucchini. That stuff will grow in the basement. I’m impressed by your ability to move into creativity by dint of will!

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