My parsley died. I sort of expected it. It was hard to get it to germinate. I tried watering, then not watering, wondering what conditions I needed to foster to get it right. While considering this situation, I realized that it might not be anything wrong that I’ve done; rather, it might be a certain level of toxicity in the soil. Nothing can survive within a toxic environment. Always looking for some lessons from my gardening experience, I spent a number of days considering how to parlay this experience into a practical application.

I began to examine the toxic elements in my life. Not surprisingly, I zeroed in on my relationships. I realized that I have allowed some of them to become toxic-perhaps it’s not the people who have become toxic, rather the toxicity is in the circumstances that I have allowed to fester around the relationships.

Now I really don’t want to end any of my relationships, so I wrote a letter, not inteded to be sent, to help me purge some of these toxic feelings. This is a classic technique for handling negative situations. Originally, I had the letter here on this post but after a few days, I decided to take it down. It has served it’s purpose and I really don’t want to risk anyone of the recipients actually reading it.

My thanks to those of you who read it and commented.


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  1. Taking stock of where we are in our lives and doing a bit of pruning never harms the garden but gives it the impetus to push up new growth in more fertile areas

  2. We can all learn something, Lori, from your post. We all need to take review our relationships frim time to time and determine which, if any, are toxic. Those that are need to be culled so that our energy can be utilized in a positive manner…so our garden will grow healthy and strong.


  3. always get the toxic components out of your life, and sometimes, they clear up and you then have the choice to embrace them again or not. It happened that way with some family of mine, and we have, wonderfully grown back together in a way I would never have thought possible.

    pity about the parsley, I have had little luck with it this year, but the oregano went absolutely mad one me, it is huge

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