I didn’t have a particularly good afternoon.   I will not elaborate on the details but let it suffice that most of the afternoon I felt very low.  If my mood were palpable, it would be like mud-dark, sticky and awful.

Given the theme of this blog, it shouldn’t surprise you that these days I am looking at life’s circumstances through the eyes of a gardener, and it doesn’t take a great leap of imagination to see the metaphor inherent in mud.

If mud is made of water and nutrient-laden earth, if in its darkness seeds find a home, if young life springs from it after a sufficient time of barrenness, then my mood of the afternoon should bring forth some greenness.   In the darkness of my spirit, hope germinates.   No bad time last forever-all becomes well in time.

So, after pondering this metaphor all afternoon, you can imagine my delight when I got home and found that the seeds of my tiny kitchen herb garden have germinated.

Lori G (c)  2007


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  1. Mud, on the other hand, if true clay makes such a wonderful place to play in when you are a kid and so much beauty when grownups, like the ancient potters of Staffordshire, stole a bit from the roads making lovely cups and pot holes for coaches. fran

  2. This cycle of nature is beautiful. It’s worth looking at. Fran, I loved playing around in mud as a child as well. I think we made all kinds of delicious “meals” for my Mum, Dad and grandmother they pretended were real. Amazing what goes on in a child’s imagination.

  3. in praise of mud by the British comedy singing duo, Flanders & Swan:
    Mud, mud, glorious mud,
    nothing quite like it for cooling the blood.
    So come with me, come with me
    down to the hollow
    and there let us wallow
    in glorious mud!

  4. Oh Lori yes days can be so damnably hard, but isn’t it wonderful when you can be surprised by joy? And you are so open to the magic in life that gratefulness really is your second name. I shall hold you in my heart all day!

  5. Your brave little seeds knew that the best thing they could do was pop up and surprise you. It’s wonderful how often things like this happen after rough days and suddenly things seem not so dreadful anymore. And it’s funny how our perception of mud changes as we become adults. For me, it’s something that makes pawprints on the carpet – yet, like the others, I used to love to play in it.

  6. There is nothing quite so heartening as knowing that the seeds have taken and are growing. After years of drought we had some heavy rain over an extended period and it was a joy to see mud again.

  7. So profound!! I’ve been poking around in your blog since you stopped by over at my new (and rather bare, unfurnished) blog, just to say hello, but really I’m amazed at all your wisdom and beautiful photography.

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